Big sister of the Match model, the VANADIUM 450 Power Match KR has also been developed in order to bring better performance to fishermen who launch in a traditional way. To all those who have found Cesium too hard for them, or who have struggled to exploit all the power, Vanadium is the answer. The blank is much more progressive, even sweeter than its little sister of 4.20 m and much less demanding than its big sister Cesium 465. With a simple throw over the head, Vanadium 450 bends without resistance. It is capable of carrying medium-heavy to heavy fisheries, but is required on the more manly fisheries. Reinforced to the joints by a metal ring, completely dressed in Fuji, the Vanadium 450 Power Match KR is the ideal product for nylons with a diameter greater than 25/100. It is more suitable for Atlantic fisheries, even if fishermen from the North or the South who love big canes can use it. With lead seals considered ideal between 150 and 175 g, this model is ideal for formed seas.
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