Driveline Vibration

Vibrations are the absolute plea for precision. Whether it's throwing, waiting, picketing or fighting, the vibrations are perfectly controlled by Driveline! Vibrations inevitably appear during fishing. They are the result of energy dispersal in carbon. A design defect can cause a reduction of vibrations. They blur the reading of the keys, mixing the wave pressure and the real keys. They reduce the sensations during the fighting. Finally, the vibrations are terribly penalizing for inexperienced pitchers. If the fisherman does not know how to control the appearance, they disrupt the good exit of the line and slow down the lead. Driveline is the result of the combination of Conic Drive, MicroTip Sensing and Counterweight Balance. From the start of the throw, the flexion spreads progressively from the tip to the heel, and not in multiple places simultaneously. The release of the power is therefore progressive, from the heel to the scion and the generation of parasitic vibrations is thus minimized. The taper associated with very dense carbon particles absorbs these vibrations instead of resonating them. Finally, the heel weights allow a firm and instant blockage of the cane, which allows a fulgurant release of the power. The mass of these weights absorbs residual parasitic vibrations. This technical design acts very effectively on the pitch, the indication of the keys and the fight with the most beautiful fishes!
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