The Conic Drive

The Conic Drive is a unique design that confers real propulsion capability! With your technique is now added a mechanical velocity that propels your mountings at distances never reached with fishing rods. The Conic Drive is based on a highly conical blank design, which allows a progressive load of power and an explosive release of the latter. The accumulated energy escapes from the heel to the scion, without any loss and with surprising speed. Whatever your level of launcher, our construction process is for you the guarantee of new sensations. The ability of our rods to restore the accumulated energy is a major feature that allows today to reach or exceed easily the mythical bar of 300 meters. The Conic Drive is a real engine that develops phenomenal power without ever penalizing the fisherman. Whether you are a novice or an expert, our rods give you the best weight / power ratio existing to date.
Diamond Distribution