The counterweight Balance

The dynamics of a launch cane depends on the energy that can be printed on the blank during final blocking. The centrifugal force can here be exploited in favor of the launcher. The Counterweight Balance improves throws, but not only ... The heels of CESIUM canes have a balancing system. Consisting of stainless steel weights, it can be adjusted according to your needs. These weights have a very important dual function! During the shot, the weight of the weights is increased tenfold by the centripede force. This weight is transformed into motor energy. So you get more easily a high compression ratio of your cane, with a gesture more pleasant to control. The Counterweight Balance allows you to launch equivalent distance with less physical effort. It is less harmful baits, and we can use heavier weights! The principle is simple: for the heavy weights increase the weight of the weights, for the light weights, diminish it! For active and traveling peaches, the balance must be vertical when you have to hold the cane in your hand. The Counterweight Balance gives you better comfort and reduced fatigue that allow you to fish with a rod of surfcasting as you would with a much lighter rod, and for hours.
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